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Two US agencies are holding hearings on copyright reform; enough powerful people (ok, companies) think that copyright law needs changing that this might actually happen.  Don't let it happen without fannish voices: the OTW is soliciting stories of how creating transformative works has helped people in day-to-day life, whether that's through building language skills, video editing, writing, coding, or anything else.  You don't need to provide personal information, but the more specific the better.  You can submit your story through this form.  We need to speak up, or we'll be left out.

-Reblogged from [ profile] rivkat's LJ. She is an intellectual property law professor, btw.
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Finishing up my month of The X-Files recs with a Friday Night Drive-in crossover fanvid. It's been fun, folks!

Vidder: KatrinDepp
Musical artist: Groove addicts - The beast at our door
Pairing: Ensemble
Vidder on LJ: [ profile] katrindepp
Vidder's website: KatrinDepp on YouTube
Why this vid kicks ass:
The House MD episode "Cane and Able" had all the hallmarks of an X-Files episode minus Mulder and Scully, so it was only natural for someone to create a crossover vid. And since KatrinDepp made it, it's practically seamless and really cool.

Resist or Serve - streaming on YouTube
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This would probably be a good time to mention that all of the recs I have been posting would be more aptly termed favorites. They are simply works that I enjoy so much that I find myself returning to them again and again. In other words, subjectivity ahoy.
House MD recs )
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It's difficult to do a crossover well, but when they work, they make me extremely happy :). Please rec any of your own favorites in the comments!
Favorite Crossovers )
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I enjoy the show but am not obsessed with it, so I've only dipped my toes into the fandom. But that was enough to discover these :).

Fanfiction and Filks

Progression by [ profile] lurkisblurkis  and [ profile] the_great_snark 
A series of brief bits based on random prompts paints a hilarious composite portrait of a developing Sheldon/Penny relationship.


in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with by [ profile] jlk_lumberjack 
You should already know this vidder from the House/Wilson subfandom. I don't even ship Sheldon/Penny, but this is incredibly well done.
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A tricky fandom for me because, as with House MD, the difficult-to-imitate dialogue is my favorite aspect of the show. This is the archive where I used to read excellent TWW fic. More recs are always welcome!

Fanfiction and Filks

Wayfinding by Jackie Thomas
In the wake of the Rosslyn shooting, Josh learns to navigate again with help from Sam. Totally my kind of thing.

You and Me of the 10,000 Wars by Luna and Ellen M
Josh/Sam UST, Josh/Amy, and Sam/Ainsley but not really. If anyone knows of more big juicy, political, incredibly in-character stories like this, please inform me!

No Exit by [ profile] raedbard
I've never been a big Toby fan, but [ profile] raedbard is changing my mind. She claims that nothing much happens in this fic that has Sam and Toby stuck at JFK, but oh, the lovely in-character banter!

The House Drawn in Threes by [ profile] raedbard
I never would have believed it, but Toby/Sam/CJ have just become my OT3.

I wish that I could find that one post-"Somebody's Going to Emergency" Josh/Sam fic that I really liked.
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As with The X-Files, I am basically reccing my favorite fics from the period which I consider to have been the heyday of the fandom. As always, additional recs are welcome in the comments!

Bring it on )
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Okay, two disclaimers here.
1) I am mostly (at the moment exclusively) reccing the work of my friends back in the day. That said, they were a pretty awesome bunch and  still get recced with great enthusiasm by people who are not me.
2) I have not actually reread most of these stories in their entirety in this century (because they are long, and I have moved on to other obsessions). If you have any more recent favorites... or any other favorites at all... please rec them in the comments :).
Here goes... )
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Sherlock BBC is an enormously active fandom, and I can't pretend to have sampled more than a tiny fraction of the offerings, but these are my favorites to date. Thanks to [ profile] justjuly4  for her suggestions; feel free to add your favorites in the comments!
The Recs )

Rec me!

Jun. 2nd, 2011 04:13 pm
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No, I don't mean "rec my stuff" (although of course I'd be thrilled if you did). I'm requesting your recs for fic, art, and vids for my various fandoms. I think that I've got a pretty good handle on House M.D. at this point, so while I would welcome little-known favorites from that fandom, I am eagerly seeking recs - even the most apparently obvious ones - from Battlestar Galactica (new), Bones, Buffy/Angel, Castle, Firefly, Sherlock BBCStar Trek (classic or reboot), The Big Bang Theory, The West Wing, and The X-Files.

This is an ongoing request - I am putting a personal favorites recs list together to be regularly updated. You can probably guess what I'd like based on what I write and/or have recced in the past. Funny, angsty, hot, and most importantly, evocative of the show in question. Gen or any pairings as long as it's really well-crafted and in-character. Thanks so much for any pointers!
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I can't believe that it took me so long to discover Crack Van, a searchable multifandom rec site for both fic and fanvid. Here are links to just a few of my favorite vid finds:

A Home (The X-Files, the long road to Mulder/Scully)
UST, angst, and resolution. Clips from the series and second movie mostly, which is as it should be. Reminds me why Gillian Anderson deserved all the prizes.

Defying Gravity (Firefly, ensemble cast)
Fantastic celebration of Serenity and her crew, really captures the spirit of this short-lived, much-mourned show.

White and Nerdy (Bones, supporting characters a la Weird Al Yankovic)
OMG, just so damned cute. I love these guys.

The only problem with videos like these is that they make me want to rewatch all of my favorite series from the beginning, and there's no time for any such thing these days...
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This cracks my sh*t up:
I Feel Pretty

Have you seen Avenue Q?
If You Were Gay

And, because it's Friday:
Friday I'm in Love

YouTube rocks! If you have favorites along similar lines, please mention them in the Comments.

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