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This year, two of my favorite players are leaving their childhood clubs behind. Iker Casillas Fernandez, age 34, has been a goalkeeper for the first team at Real Madrid since 1999 and team captain for five years. Xavi Hernandez Creus, age 35, made his first team debut as a midfielder for FC Barcelona in 1998 and was captain this past season, when his team won all three major tournaments for the second time in Spanish history.

Despite the intense rivalry of their respective clubs, these two men have been friends since they met as teenagers. At times, their mutual esteem and affection have been the glue that holds the Spanish national team together, allowing them to win two European Cups and Spain's only World Cup between 2008 and 2012. Even the Prince of Asturias has recognized this OTP.

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<333333333 So much love for these two men, and I wish both of them all the best in this next stage of their respective careers.
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So I didn't get to watch the match, but I just saw the highlights. The reviews I'd read suggested that we were absolutely awful, created no chances, etc. In fact, it seems to me that we were unlucky in attack - Messi was close to a goal early on and almost sent a free kick into the bottom corner, and there was a rebound that could have been converted by Busi, to name a few. While I wish that Villa had started and Iniesta had played left mid with Cesc on the bench, I think that the real problem, as has been so typical lately, was our defense. Pique's clumsy tackle meant a PK for Ronaldo, and no one was marking Di Maria right in front of our goal when he received the pass and scored. But if you watched the match, please feel free to correct me!
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Anyone who wants to livecomment during the match is welcome to do so here!
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Anyone who wants to live comment on this match is welcome to do so here! I may be a few minutes late getting home from work but will be watching...
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Anyone who wants to live comment during this match is welcome to do so here!
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Que injusticia!

Cristiano Ronaldo was definitely Man of the Match: he worked his ass off and scored the only goal. Unfortunately, he headed the ball into the back of his own net.

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Anyone who's watching the match and would like to live chat is welcome to comment here!
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Will Mourinho allow Casillas to start? Will the absence of Pepe and Ramos make life difficult for their tired fellow defenders? Anyone who wants to comment on today's Copa del Rey match between Real Madrid and Valencia is welcome to do so here!
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Again, anyone watching the Real Madrid game today is welcome to comment on this post. Sergio Ramos is out for a five match ban after accusing the "shameless" referee of the Celta game of "f***ing us over all day long" (an accusation that was not unjustified imo, if reckless) and Pepe is still out injured, so it will be interesting to see what happens with the RM defense. It would be a huge help to near-relegation Osasuna to claim a victory today.
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Real Madrid lost the first leg 1-2, so they have to win this match in order to proceed to the next round of the Copa del Rey. And while I can't exactly post a Real Madrid match discussion on the fcbarcelona comm, if anyone else is watching the game today, feel free to comment here!
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Today I'll be watching a lot of my favorite players from FC Barcelona competing in international "friendlies" (matches that don't have any formal consequences such as qualifying for the next round in a competition). What's weird about this, at least to an American like myself, is that they'll suddenly find themselves playing on the same side as some of their bitterest rivals.

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