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Wasn't going to do a post, but Jordi Alba just scored in the first 3 minutes, so... Comments here!
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Anyone watching today's friendly? Feel free to comment here!

Also, last night's match between Argentina and Colombia was probably the most thrilling scoreless draw I'd ever seen...
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Anyone who wants to livecomment during the match is welcome to do so here!
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Anyone who wants to live comment on this match is welcome to do so here! I may be a few minutes late getting home from work but will be watching...
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Anyone who wants to live comment during this match is welcome to do so here!
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Leo and Zlatan

Spain vs. Uruguay at 19:00 in Doha
Argentina vs. Sweden at 20:30 in Solna

Anyone watching either of these friendly matches is welcome to live comment here!
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Anyone who's watching the match and would like to live chat is welcome to comment here!
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Will Mourinho allow Casillas to start? Will the absence of Pepe and Ramos make life difficult for their tired fellow defenders? Anyone who wants to comment on today's Copa del Rey match between Real Madrid and Valencia is welcome to do so here!
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Again, anyone watching the Real Madrid game today is welcome to comment on this post. Sergio Ramos is out for a five match ban after accusing the "shameless" referee of the Celta game of "f***ing us over all day long" (an accusation that was not unjustified imo, if reckless) and Pepe is still out injured, so it will be interesting to see what happens with the RM defense. It would be a huge help to near-relegation Osasuna to claim a victory today.
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Real Madrid lost the first leg 1-2, so they have to win this match in order to proceed to the next round of the Copa del Rey. And while I can't exactly post a Real Madrid match discussion on the fcbarcelona comm, if anyone else is watching the game today, feel free to comment here!

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