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Title: Seeing Red
Rating: PG-13, for language
Word count: 1238
Characters: Andrés Iniesta and Víctor Valdés
Summary: Víctor sees red at the end of the clásico.
Notes: Bittersweet catharsis fic. Inspired by this incident.

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Anyone who wants to livecomment during the match is welcome to do so here!
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Anyone who wants to live comment during this match is welcome to do so here!
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Anyone who's watching the match and would like to live chat is welcome to comment here!
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Again, anyone watching the Real Madrid game today is welcome to comment on this post. Sergio Ramos is out for a five match ban after accusing the "shameless" referee of the Celta game of "f***ing us over all day long" (an accusation that was not unjustified imo, if reckless) and Pepe is still out injured, so it will be interesting to see what happens with the RM defense. It would be a huge help to near-relegation Osasuna to claim a victory today.
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I don't actually have time to write a match review this weekend - ugh - although I can say that in the first half, which I was actually able to watch, Jordi Alba was a beast, Song was better than usual and even scored a goal, Messi was marvelous, and our grand Capi Puyol was finally back on the pitch (and annoyed to be subbed out in the second half, from what I hear). Yup, that's what I've got.

Instead, have a cute retweet from Messi:

Hoy ganamos bien ante un Zaragoza que jugo bien.Les dejo una fotito del estadio, en la que se ve a mi papa, mi sobrino y mis dos hermanos mirando el partido.

Today we won well against a Zaragoza that played well. I leave you a little photo of the stadium, in which you can see my papa, my nephew, and my two brothers watching the game.

It's great how obviously related Leo and his father and brothers are :D.
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Not gonna lie, I was really anxious about this match. Not only did last season take a turn for the worse after our loss to Getafe in November, but most of our first string players just returned from FIFA world cup qualifiers, Iniesta and Alexis came back with injuries, and Jordi Alba had to have his tonsils out. I had prepared myself to be grateful for a draw, especially given that Getafe beat our arch rivals Real Madrid last month.

Boy was I pleasantly surprised. )
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Leo Messi now holds the record for the most goals scored in one season

The League is lost, but the race for Pichichi continues... )

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