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Come on over to [ profile] housemd_what_if to learn more about me and ask me anything that's been on your mind about me/my writing... and while you're there, check out their extensive rec list of what-iffy speculative House fics!
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Not too long ago, [ profile] daasgrrl hosted an interesting post about the writing process for long fics. By chance, I just stumbled upon the outline of Precautionary Measures that I had emailed to my beta. Written scenes are in regular typeface and unwritten scenes are in italics. As is typical for me, the end was finished long before the beginning!

The Outline )
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It had been so long since I'd written anything that I was really thrilled to participate in this year's Remix event on AO3. Basically, you offer to let other people rewrite one of your stories and get matched with someone willing to write in your fandoms, and vice versa. Right now the authors are being concealed, so I can't tell you what I wrote for a few more days, but I would like to point you towards a couple of fics that were written for me (i.e., inspired by my stories) and also a couple that were just so awesome that I have to tell you about them.

Cloudy, With Hope for the Future (Hungry: The Post-Miracle Remix) - a continuation of my Buffy/Faith Hungry series

Can't Take My Eyes Off of You (the Taylor Swift in Red remix) - a Cameron-centric remix of my House/Wilson fic Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

Like No Business I Know (the Climbing Uphill Remix) - a wonderful Tawny Madison-centric Galaxy Quest one-shot

Just Can’t Kill the Beast (the Green, Green, My Jealous Heart Remix) - a Faith-centric Buffy the Vampire Slayer one-shot

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Title: Mirage (the voyeur remix)
Fandom: House M.D.
Pairing: Cameron/House
Word Count: 1417
Rating: M
Summary: He's alive. She's a mess, and they're both so thirsty. Post-2X24, "No Reason."
Author's Notes: Written for Remix Redux 11: The Eleventh Hour as a remix of Thirst by [ profile] 0penhearts. Thanks very much to [ profile] jezziejay for the beta!

Drip... drip... drip... )

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...and I am pleased as punch to announce that two of my stories have remixes that are now available for your reading pleasure!

A Proxy in the Mirror (Remix of Proxy) by anonymous
House M.D.
"Chase won't write House a scrip for Vicodin, but he can help the pain. A dark AU set during the Tritter arc."


clarity (the fight or flight remix) by anonymous
House M.D.
"Mid-season 7 (post 7x12, to be exact). House wants Wilson to get laid. As usual, there is a reason why. Unfortunately, it's not at all what Wilson wants to hear, or what House wants to tell him."

I have also written two stories, one for Remix Redux 11 and one for Remix Madness. The first was for a fandom in which I'd written many fics before, but the other was for a fandom in which I'd never written anything. (If you think that you can guess which stories are mine, PM me and I'll confirm or deny!)
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Title: Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
Pairings: House/Wilson, Julie/Wilson
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3329
Summary: When James Wilson's wife hires Greg House, P.I., to dig up some dirt for her divorce proceedings, he finds a lot more than he bargained for.
Notes: Written for the fandomaid benefit for the Philippines. Not beta'd by [ profile] jezziejay, because this is for her - and long overdue. Thanks for your patience, hon! And thanks also to [ profile] cuddyclothes for the prompt and to [ profile] blackmare for the encouragement.

Greg House knew the dame was trouble from the moment she sashayed her way past his young assistant, Allison Cameron, and into his dingy office. )

Fic meme!

Jan. 28th, 2013 10:26 am
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Ganked this from [ profile] footballslash. It's supposed to reflect football slash fics written this year, but I'm a gonna list fics I wrote in any fandom, any year, and you should feel free to do the same.

The meme... )
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For those of you who would like to follow my House recs on [ profile] crack_van, here's the link for you to bookmark.

Another option is to join the community and then go to "Manage Friends" under "Other Friends Tools" and select the tag for House. (That's assuming you don't want fic updates on Starsky and Hutch, Bandom, or The Professionals... but who am I to judge?)
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Title: Absent Friends
Fandom: House M.D.
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Pairing: House & Wilson friendship
Summary: A coda to 8X06 "Parents."

Because last night's episode deserved a drabble... )
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I just watched Bad Influence with Rob Lowe and James Spader.

First thought: Damn, Rob Lowe is hot when he's evil.

Second thought: Surely there is a good House/Wilson fic out there with a similar plot. )
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(Reposting my comment on the journal of a non-House fan friend who wanted to know, "So what I'm asking is, what happened to turn so many against it? What the heck COULD have happened that was so awful everyone decided House would be better off with a bullet in its brain?" )

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I just read a post-S7 finale House/Wilson first time fic that I really liked, posted to [ profile] house_wilson  by a new (to me) author. It's a bit dark, but that's how I like them, especially in this context. And it's fantastic to see a talented new author in this fandom (assuming it's not actually one so old that I haven't heard of her), so if you haven't read this fic yet, please check it out and leave her some love! :)
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The plug: As many of you know, House M.D. News is a daily bulletin that provides links to the news, discussion, and fanworks that appear on a wide variety of House M.D. LJ communities. As long as you're not spoilerphobic, I highly recommend subscribing in order to hear about cool stuff happening on comms you might not think to join yourself.

The plea: We are currently looking for a new editor or editors to compile the newsletter on Sundays and Mondays. I do Wednesdays, and I can tell you that it only takes me about an hour once a week, and it's a great way to give something back to the fandom. Primitive knowledge of html is helpful but not required. Please contact me if interested!
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[ profile] petitecuriosity and I would like to organize a House fan meet up so that those involved in the fandom can meet one another, hang out, and discuss one of our favorite TV shows!

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