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Not too long ago, [ profile] daasgrrl hosted an interesting post about the writing process for long fics. By chance, I just stumbled upon the outline of Precautionary Measures that I had emailed to my beta. Written scenes are in regular typeface and unwritten scenes are in italics. As is typical for me, the end was finished long before the beginning!

Brennan and Booth in town to consult with a colleague at Princeton (on a current case?). Feels ill, probably vomits and collapses; Booth brings her to the ER at PPTH.

Act I:
S1: House brings the case to the team; differential = malaria, dengue, typhoid.
S2: The Cottages meet Brennan & Booth.
S3: Gossip in the lab.
S4: Lunch with Wilson.
S5: Chase meets Angela & Hodgins and gets a scare (Brennan’s first seizure).

Act II:
S1: House’s office, same day. New diagnosis = cysticercosis.
S2: That evening. House and Cuddy and/or Sam and Wilson. Brennan’s book.
S3: That evening. Angela and Hodgins drive back to DC.
S4: Next morning at the Jeffersonian. Cam is angry with Angela.
S5: House meets Brennan.
S6: House tells Cottages that Brennan wants to jump his bones. (For a particular line to work, House needs to have had a run-in with Booth earlier on.)

Act III:
S1: Hodgins tells Cam. Wendell overhears. Angela is annoyed that Hodgins shared their secret.
S2: House’s office. Patient’s symptoms are worse. It could be syphilis.
S3: Patient’s room. Brennan denies dating Booth. House denies dating Wilson. Booth gets pissed off on Brennan’s behalf.
S4: Wilson tells House to spend less time with Brennan. House deduces his secret.
S5: Cuddy and House have a conversation about birth control.

Act IV:
S1:Next morning. Brennan seems better, fever has gone down, but then trigeminal sensory neuropathy appears. Could be a brain tumor.
S2: Wilson calls for an MRI, but Brennan flips out during the scan.
S3: She’s having anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations. They keep her restrained and partially sedated. Booth stays at her side.
S4: Sweets finds House in his office and deduces his secret.
S5: Sweets advises Booth re: Brennan.

Act V:
S1: Night. Cuddy tells House he still needs to do his duty.
S2: Morning. Cam meets Cuddy, another professional single mother with troublesome employees.
S3: House has an epiphany in the clinic.
S4: The mystery is revealed.
S5: House explains when Brennan is feeling better.

Act VI (Epilogue):
S1: Brennan invites House to the bar.
S2: Squints swap war stories. House deduces Hodgins’ secret.
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