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Here are links to all of my recent fanfiction, organized by fandom and in reverse chronological order. My older fanfiction (The X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer) can be found on An Archive of Our Own.

Football RPF (2014 - )

Football RPF (2012 - 2013)

House M.D. fic (2011 - 2014)

House M.D. fic (2010)

Selected House/Wilson chain fic challenge submissions

The West Wing fic

Fic from Other Fandoms

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Date: 2013-01-27 10:24 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] ex_sparksfly744
My favourite story of this year: I've Seen You Walk Unafraid (Fabiano) by [ profile] tenshi_who, Untitled mpreg fic (Fabrique) by a beautiful anon who I wish I knew and Set Me As A Seal Upon Your Heart (CrisKa!!) by [ profile] dorkorific.

My best story this year: The Important Things (Messilla).

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: treat your life like a tragedy (Ruud/Cris) by [ profile] astonish.

Most fun story to write: Wrap Me Up In Your Wings (CrisKa), probably. Poor Cris.

Hardest story to write: Lost In My Waking Dreams (Crozil). I still have to write part 2...

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: As Far As You and Me Go (Mou/Pep) by [ profile] distira.

Biggest surprise: Flight Paths (Mou/J.K. Rowling - yes you read that right!) by another lovely anon who I wish I knew.

Most unintentionally telling story: this is where we live (Silvilla) by [ profile] brojan and Rounding Out Family (Crozil) by [ profile] luxover.

Sexiest story: Boys On Film (Sergio squared) by [ profile] sillypiglets2, a.k.a. the queen of smut.

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